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One of the most trusted Dietician/Nutritionist
& Lifestyle coach.

Get your personalized diet plan today.

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How to achieve a healthy lifestyle
Our expertise

We provide diet plans for maintaining healthy lifestyle, Weight management & Therapeutic Diets

Manage lifestyle diseases

Get customized diet plans for lifestyle disease management including exercises and time table.

Best Diet clinic in Noida
Why Diet Clinic?

With the experience of more than a decade, we give the best results in the minimum possible time to make and keep customers’ lifestyles healthy.

Motivating fitness plans

We Motivate our Clients to Follow healthy Lifestyle as per their Requirements, go Through there health records/charts & advice accordingly. 

7 Days
Diet Plan

7 Days Diet Consultation By Dietician Bhawana Sachan Sets Path For Effectual Results!

30 Days
Diet Plan

30 Days Weight Loss- A Perfect Plan To Begin Getting Into Shape!

90 Days
Diet Plan

90 Days Weight Loss- Each Week Has Its Own Milestones!

6 Months
Diet Plan

180 Days Weight Loss Plan- Convenient Way To Lose Weight With Homemade Diets!

Go for a healthy lifestyle
About Us
Ms. Bhawana Sachan is an expert dietitian /nutritionist and an entrepreneur having experience of 15 years in this field. She loves to educate people with diet-related disorders on the practical ways in which they can improve their health by advising them to make appropriate lifestyle and food choices. She devise, monitor, review and improve nutritional care plans.
Many people have accomplished their dietary and lifestyle goals under her direction. Stress and lifestyle-related issues are now a thing of the past.
Customized Diet Plans
Diet Plans

Nutritional requirement for every individual is different, based on their body type, schedule, age, and many more. Planning your diet is important to achieve health goals faster.

Valuable feedback fromour customers

We respect our customer’s opinion

Success stories of our valuable customers are the greatest achievements of our career so far.

Uma Verma

Lose 5kg in 1 Month
Since I joined the Diet clinic one month ago under the guidance of Dr. Bhawna Sachan I am feeling great to announce that I lose 5kgs of my weight while feeling healthy and energetic. Experiencing no weakness due to weight loss.

Preeti Aggarwal

Learning Healthy lifestyle
Thanks a lot, Bhawna Sachan for being such a great mentor, I am learning and want to continue to learn healthier living habits, but so far my journey has been flexible, great, and uncompromised.
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Happy Customers
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