180 Days Diet Plan For Weight Loss

180 Days Diet Plan For Weight Loss

180 Days Weight Loss Plan- Convenient Way To Lose Weight With Homemade Diets!

As weight loss proceeds, it has been seen that the progress gets stuck, the prime reason for this is that the body gets accustomed to all those foods and workouts and this is why Dietician Bhawana Sachan has a diet plan that has different food suggestions and alternates for every week. The prime focus of 180 Days Weight Loss plan is to ensure that the weight loss journey continues.

  • Easy to make at home food items are prescribed
  • All those items that are to be removed from the diet are listed along with the healthier alternatives.
  • Foods that help cut body fat are added to the diet after 90 days of diet gets completed to take the weight loss journey to the next level.
  • Month wise diets are given to the clients so that they have enough clarity about the foods to eat and the workout routine to follow.

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