7 Days Weight Loss diet Plan

7 days diet plan for weight loss

7 Days Diet Consultation By Dietician Bhawana Sachan Sets Path For Effectual Results!

Let us get it straight, losing weight is a process that involves patience and perseverance both, thus going in for something as fancy as one week weight loss or 15 days weight loss is more of a gimmick. The best way to lose weight is to go in for a 7 days diet consultation by Dietician Bhawana Sachan as here she will look into all the aspects of weight loss such as diet, calorie intake, and body of the client along with past results from any such program, if any. The areas that go under the scanner when diet plan for 7 days is formulated are:

  • Current BMI
  • Mindset of the client
  • Expected results in terms of improved sleep, confidence and inch loss

Then the target is set for coming days ensuring that the client rigorously follows the prescribed diet for upcoming 7 days.

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