90 Days Weight Loss Diet Plan

90 Days Diet Plan For Weight Loss

90 Days Weight Loss- Each Week Has Its Own Milestones!

Comprehending the fact that 90 days or 3 months is a long time span, Dietician Bhawana Sachan recommends diets on weekly basis in order to break that monotony and add to the effectiveness of the 90 days weight loss program. Using all her expertise our diet expert crafts out a diet plan that makes you lose calories sensibly and visibly.

  • The prime goal of this 90 days weight loss plan is to see at least 10kgs of weight loss.
  • Only healthy foods, high fiber items and lots of juices and liquids are prescribed, one needs to cut on refined sugars and oils to see the results coming.
  • The target is set for every week as in week 1 the sugars will be eliminated and with the arrival of week 2 there will be no caffeine intake and this goes on to inculcate healthy food intake with a weight loss triggering diet.

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