Teenagers Diets

Teenagers Diets

Teenagers Diets- Bring In Healthy Teens & Well Developed Adults- Both Mentally & Physically

Good nutrition is required at every age, but when we talk about teen age, the value increases manifold as this is the time when both the mind and body are growing and the demand for nutrition is really high. If you have a teenage son or daughter, you need to make sure that a perfect diet plan is made by looking into the nutritional requirements so that they get all that they want and enjoy their life to the fullest. This is the time when the body clocks get active and all those hormones start playing a hula hoop in the body. And looking into this, mood swings and lack of interest in eating home-made food are bound to occur. At this time, the parents need to sit with a dietitian like Bhawana Sachan to know how these teenagers’ diets can be made healthy yet interesting.

It has been seen that adolescents are always eating what their friends are, no matter whether the food is a healthy one or not, as for them, what matters at present is fun. Parents need to make sure that the teenagers eat home-cooked and nutrition-packed food when they are at home, as this would prevent them from gaining excessive body weight, which is not good for them at all. Bhawana Sachan suggests going in for juices, adding a twist to these, mixing two or three flavours and serving it to the kids. This will at least help them stay away from the carbonated drinks that are going to do major harm.

All those parents who are really worried about the health of their kids need to know that some simple changes can make a big difference. Ask dietitian Bhawana Sachan to come up with a diet plan that promises to provide wholesome nutrition to the kids at this growing age. Ask for alternatives that can be considered by you so that the dining table looks attractive and the kids are tempted to dig into the food cooked at home. If your teenage daughter or son is weak as compared to her friends, inform the dietitian about this as then she would guide you to choose the items that would promote health and deal with anemia, if that is the concern. You can ask dietitian Bhawana Sachan to decide on the meal size as teenagers are often seen hunting for snacks in the fridge. To cut down on this, you can give them mini meals 6-7 times a day. Experiment with different teenagers’ diets and chances are high that your kids too would love what is being served and would start avoiding junk food within a short span of time or would at least reduce the intake.

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